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The third-generation family business Young Sun Oriental Clinic!

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Lee’s journey into medicine began in Korea at a very young age where she learned a great deal about medicine from her father who was a well-regarded medical practitioner.

This led her to become a successor to the family business and follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming a medical practitioner as well. Lee is a proud third-generation practitioner to work in the medical, beauty and health fields.

Youngsun Oriental Clinic is unsurpassed when it comes to weight loss, skin-related treatment and pain treatment.

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Hemorrhoids, you may feel shame to tell, but you must avoid surgery.

It is said that 40% of modern people and 60% of women have symptoms of hemorrhoids. If it is an early symptom, taking a sitz bath improves it, so it is often not recognized as hemorrhoids. However, as time goes on, it gets worse and you begin to feel uncomfortable in your life. Only then will you go to the hospital, and in that case, most will be recommended for surgery.

The problem is that surgery is not the end of everything.

Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease

  When the hormone secretion is excessive, it is called hyperthyroidism, and symptoms such as tremor tension, anxiety, hair loss, and protrusion of the eyeball are induced. On the other hand, when the hormone is low, it is called hypothyroidism and causes symptoms such as fatigue, depression, muscle pain, constipation, and obesity.

Hair loss dropping confidence in appearance!

Modern people who are worried by hair loss ..

Modern people are suffering from hair loss. The types of hair loss vary depending on the standard and type of hair loss, but it is classified into male pattern hair loss (M-shape, parietal), female pattern hair loss, and alopecia areata. Hair loss does not occur instantaneously but progresses slowly over time so it requires scalp care.

Men's hair loss, women's hair loss, circular hair loss, etc.

 We give hope to those who are suffering from hair loss symptoms.

Urinary Incontinence Recovery

Urine incontinence that influences the quality of life ..

You can return to normal life without surgery.

Urine incontinence that leaks regardless of your will.

 In addition to age-to-age, the support of the bladder and pelvis is also caused by weakening the tissue of the bladder, pelvis, cerebral infarction, diabetes, and after rectum surgery. Regardless of childbirth, urination symptoms, such as the beneficiary, urinary cases, such as the beneficiary of the young woman, regardless of the childbirth. You can get out of the crimp as a cold treatment that makes the bladder without surgery.

Pain relief

Various Pain Relief

  Lack of ligaments, shoulders and shoulders, and the incidence of muscles and arms of shoulders and arms, lumbar (waist pain), tennis elbows, rheumatoid perspectives, There are a variety of pain and kinds of pain that appear in the human body, such as Achilles-enabled, the severe pain of the knee, and venous cetitis after exercise.

"I've experienced a lot of improvement with just the first acupuncture treatment"

I recently received hemorrhoids treatment, but before that, it was difficult to sit down and I was in pain from bleeding and pain. After treatment, hemorrhoids improved and urine was treated well. Above all, unlike anal surgery (both sides), the fact that it can be treated while working increased satisfaction with oriental hemorrhoids treatment. When I had hemorrhoids in both rooms, I had to take a leave of absence during the recovery period and the recovery period was long, but oriental hemorrhoids treatment was possible while working, and I experienced a lot of improvement in condition just with the first acupuncture procedure. I hope it will help those who suffer from hemorrhoids. Don't hesitate and get hemorrhoids with one shot and get better.

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